Presentations, Event Planning, Trade Shows

We realize that it’s necessary to develop presentations which produce a professional approach to new ideas on the horizon. Our ability to work on short notice and create first class presentations with our desktop publishing equipment is outstanding. With last-minute decisions and important meetings at hand, we come through when nobody else can with our in-house equipment. With hi-end digital cameras, we can, on a moments notice, incorporate photography within any document, generating the most creative possibilities. For projects that require larger output, we simply collect and produce recorded media that can be delivered in several formats to our vendors with our pre-press proofs. With these enhanced capabilities, we are eager to become involved with your event planning and trade shows. From helping to organize your special events, to designing your trade show booths, we incorporate your marketing approach and direction in an atmosphere dictated by your goals. We create a presentation that achieves just that!

Print Production, Press Releases, Public Relations and Ads

After many hours of planning and evaluating layouts, copy and proofs, we use our organized production skills in producing top-quality printed communications that present to markets the image we have worked hard to create for you. We have strong relationships with printing companies that have the ability to produce our projects on time while working within our client’s budgets. We have many examples of professionally printed projects and continue to maintain and expect high quality from our sources. From pre-press proofs, to film output, to press inspection, we take full charge and responsibility from beginning to end, ensuring the finished product. Because many marketing efforts begin with press releases, we have the ability to achieve maximum results. Our flair in producing releases, and keeping them informational without losing the reader, is one of our major strengths. Information that generates interest from the editors and communicators is what we believe is important. Within our growing client community, we know the importance of Public Relations and the impact it can have on our client’s success. We are sensitive to those environments and help in providing background and recommendations on upcoming events. If you are looking for public support or political involvement, we believe we as communicators can help in producing an atmosphere that can achieve the best results.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

Our background in these areas is very broad. We have grown with our clients, have learned many valuable lessons and have obtained a schooling in these important areas over the years. Understanding patent laws and the value of trademarks has helped us in acquiring for our clients, patent rights, that are very broad in nature. Our ability to evaluate and our involvement in patent searches has allowed us to recommend many changes in client designs, putting distance between current patents and new technology. Branding an idea is often more important then the product itself. Name recognition has to be imbedded in the product so it remains recognizable even after its protected life ends. Along with patent and trademark rights, it’s increasingly important to copyright ideas. When you are doing better than the next guy, he always is trying to get to your level of success. This makes it doubly important, for you as a marketer, to protect your products, services, and images through the proper use of patents, trademarks and copyrights, where required. While not all companies need this service, we know the benefits in having an extensive background in these areas.

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