Advertising, Web Development, SEO and Video Production

We take great pride in designing complete advertising campaigns that include all aspects of marketing. By controlling all elements of advertising, we find that other forms of communication have common uses throughout the multimedia gamut. This approach has saved our clients additional expense by just simply planning ahead. By considering the whole picture, we can develop a plan that allows our advertising to have additional merit and usefulness in other areas such as Web Development, Video and Print Communications projects. We have the ability to develop your advertising schedule and incorporate your web site to meet your company’s vision. Web development is created on our premises using Mac-based and PC platforms incorporating the most sophisticated hardware and software programs available today. Our ability to upload to your server gives us control and allows us to make changes to your web site, within minutes.

By orchestrating video productions and creating storyboards prior to shooting footage, we make it possible for you to review your postproduction needs. Video is produced in several formats at your location(s). We also produce and art-direct photography production. Based on the end-use, we can shoot in all popular formates. The raw footage and images can be downloaded to our computers for placement, editing, music composition and narration. We are capable of supplying the finished product in common formats and DVD's for mass duplication. With in-house professionalism, we are at the front of Web and Video development. With updated software we can accomplish any project with total confidence and produce the most professional results.
Market Research, Test Marketing, Telemarketing

These areas are key in bringing a service or product to market. Both our ability to recognize our client’s potential and our involvement in R&D have proven to be successful. Producing a good idea is only one step in determining whether to take the next step. We have been instrumental in evaluating ideas and developing prototypes and finished products to present to markets. Testing market potential and consumer acceptance is included in our capabilities, along with the production of Cad-Drawings for quotation purposes in determining Cost of Goods for manufacturing prior to market release. Today, marketing is performed at many levels. We have the background and experience to develop telemarketing programs and write software that can be incorporated to obtain information and aid in the marketing effort. We have experience in a variety of database programs, and have writtren several at QCIG that are client driven.

Packaging, P.O.P., Fulfillment

With most products it’s necessary to develop ideas that are creative enough to get the consumer to take it off the shelf and read about its features and benefits. We take great pride in reviewing packaging concerns and producing solutions to new and current ideas. With budgets a focus point, we continue to come up with some of the best packaging and Point-Of-Purchase solutions available. At the retail level, P.O.P. is vital to the product’s success and is measured by sell-through. We evaluate the markets and recommend strategic solutions to this ever changing environment. With increasing sales and fulfillment behind us, we help streamline shipping functions to increase productivity and profitability. All these functions interact with the marketing mission and are critical to its total success.

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Quest Communications and Images Group will now offer Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as Internet Marketing and will focus the majority of sales and marketing efforts toward attracting small businesses. The reason for this decision is simply the low amount of services available for a market with such a high demand. In addition to the very promising supply and demand ratio, it is also technically easier and less expensive to market to and attract small website projects than larger projects.

The need for small business Internet services has existed for several years. Small businesses and start-up businesses alike are migrating onto the Web at an astonishing rate and making their online presence a higher priority than in earlier years. We have noticed an enormous hole however in the small business services that are currently available.

Without a doubt, there is a need for custom, high-end, dynamic services designed exclusively for small businesses. At this point, the majority of our competitors are offering services tailored around big business, to small business owners, or they are offering the exact opposite, one-dimensional, "cookie cutter" type services.

An important market trend right now is the one toward aggressive online and website marketing. Although many small businesses are still waiting to gain an Internet presence, those who already have are beginning to look for more options along the lines of improving their existing efforts. We believe that in the upcoming years, small companies especially, will start to look for more ways to increase the traffic to their websites.

For most small business owners, cost, both residual and one-time are huge influences on the decisions they make regarding everyday operations of their company. Even though we offer 100% customized services and our pricing is based on an hourly fee, to make it easier and less confusing for the clients, Quest Communications and Images Group has established a packaged pricing system.

- Introductory Package ($399.00): 3 month package, optimizing 3 pages. Good for the small business that is unsure of the optimization.

- Mid-Level Web Package ($1500-2500): Geared for the bigger websites, this will include up to 10 pages of optimization.

- Complete Web Package ($100 per page down, $100 per month): Usually reserved for ecommerce sites, these sites will be completely optimized.

- Product Optimization ($10.00 per product): Product optimization will be available regardless of the number of products.

- Custom Quoted Pricing Certain websites and business may need custom pricing depending on their needs and desires.

- All packages will have the Google Analytics and webmaster tools on them as they are allowed, some site builders do not allow these items to be inserted on to the site.

- Additional services will be available through Quest Communications and Images Group

- All packages regardless of cost or size, will include pre ranking report, see where your site is before we work on it

- Traffic Analysis Report – chronicles the progress your site is making in the search engines

- Hand Submit your website to the major search engines

- Site map – tell the search engines how your site is laid out

- Ad Words/Pay Per Clicks will be available to clients who request it

- Personalized Service

- Ask about our Social Medias

Our mission statement is: OUR success is based on your success.

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Quest Communications Images Group... 460 Hilldale Drive.... Needmore, PA 17238 .....717-294-6000