Creating a single environment that builds on the cornerstone of communication is the fulfillment of a dream at QUEST COMMUNICATIONS & Images Group. By combining talent, expertise, and technology, we are structured to provide clients with the means to help them stand out as leaders in their respective industries. Our company is large enough to undertake and succeed with a wide variety of projects, yet small enough to acknowledge the importance of each one. As a group, we strive to be the best we can be, with all of our divisions working in concert.

Our goal: To exceed your expectations.

Thanks for your interest in QUEST COMMUNICATIONS & Images Group. We invite you to consider QCIG’s capabilities and expertise, which will allow you to take important steps and create a relationship with a company that is dedicated to producing solutions. Development of superior programs and materials, increasing market share, and achieving customer goals, are the benefits of working with QCIG.


As a communications firm, we realize that our clients come to us with a high degree of trust. Trust in our ability to make them look good, to charge an equitable fee, and to create innovative solutions for their communication problems. From products to services, we provide unique solutions specifically tailored to effectively address the diversity of the global marketplace. QCIG’s background in marketing and product development complements the group’s ability to design marketing communications to move your products and services forward. The watermark of any successful marketing communications firm is its skills in defining and solving problems. We have those skills.


We have a staff of professionals and associates who have taken great pride in developing many projects, programs and materials. Through strong relationships and thorough planning, we have brought our clients forward to a leadership position in their markets. We believe that in any successful campaign, it is necessary to become a part of our client’s vision, through shared objectives, which include total trust with key corporate goals. Information is everything in today’s world of growing competition and we are experienced in meeting new challenges. We respond best to our clients needs by staying educated on their products, markets and services.

Simple Approach

As relationships develop, we hope to become an integral part of your company’s team while offering creative solutions. We want to be involved in setting and meeting your company’s short and long-term goals. We believe that in most business, the single most important factor is SALES GROWTH. While promoting either sales or service to your markets, we have learned over the years how to evaluate your current successes while addressing your company’s future goals.

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